The UBN4 aftermovie is here!

Still catching our breath after these 3 nights to remember! No words! We feel the UBN family is growing so naturally, it makes our hearts warm! This 4th edition brought almost 3.000 unique people on their feet. From all over the world (48 countries to be exact), you were loud in actions, words, feelings. So grateful, so energised! (Get ready for UBN5 below!)

Dines, Lukas Kaiser / Westbrook, Drieke Leenknegt, Studio Amos Fricke, Wieden+kennedy Ams, Ibrahem Hasan, Gary Card, Fisk Gallery, Helen Kirkum, Buck, Anthony Harrison, Nicole Mclaughlin, Tyrsa, The Rodina, Femke Huurdeman, Gert Voorjans, Kelly Anna, Specific Generic, Serial Cut™, Roosje Klap / Ark, Camille Walala, Jonathan Castro Alejos, Dvtk, Hassan Rahim, Ryan Jefferson Hays, Studio Dumbar, Echolab, International Magic, Grilli Type, Studiopepe, Chuck Anderson, Shawna X, Pär Heyden, Gilles De Brock, Leslie David, Karan Singh, Ada Sokol, Ezra Miller, B-architecten & B-bis, La Boca, Sebastian Curi, Cecilia Poupon, Yarza Twins, Emma Thyssen, Six N. Five, Wang & Söderström, Sucuk & Bratwurst, Na Kim, Selam X, Alex Trochut, Shane Griffin, Alice Isaac, Kwok Fung Lam, Will Macneil, Cornelius Dämmrich, Peter Eszenyi, Google Mobile Ux, Caterina Bianchini, Raphael Rau, Chris Schmidt, Simon Fiedler, Tim Van Helsdingen, Rosanna Webster, Wieger Poutsma, Rob De Winter, Glenn Frey, Lab101, Animography, Toykyo, Mode2, Insa, Na Kim, Wewantmore, We Are Various, Brabo’s Hand.