Come for the talks, stay for the experience.

Aside of our 3 stages, we build a market that will tickle all your senses. We have your favourite arcade games and sports, craft beers & cocktails, food courts in a lush green setting, a flea market & tattoo shops all set in a misty Bangkok environment. We’re pulling out all stops for this edition, make sure you are there to see it!

Brabo's Hand Tattoo

Brabo’s Hand quickly made their mark in the local scene with their traditional oldschool style. Today they are internationaly known as one of the best tattoo palours in Belgium.

Tomas Redrey is the co-owner and known for his artistic avant-garde style. Tobias, who owned his own graphic design agency before tattooing, joined the team in 2014 and has been one of the fastest rising stars in the scene since.


Before, during and after, we invite you to roam around in our venue. It’s loaded with adult entertainment (yes, pinball- & boxing machines, Jenga XL and more)

Get your score on our hall of fame, stick around & play!

het Consolesalon

A nomadic living room turned into arcade hall bursting with games and consoles ranging from Atari to SNES, presenting old school classics and retro rarities side by side with contemporary indie games.

For this edition of UsByNight, Het Consolesalon adds a selection of contemporary indie games with retro influences to the mix. They will also be providing some extra oomph to your retro experience with a curated collection of amiga demos and peculiar game installations provided by their resident collector and DIY friend Stijn. And all of that, just for you to enjoy.

King Of Pong

King Of Pong turns the concept of ping pong upside down. They organise epic ping pong tournaments and create custom tables with a spin. Get your ping pong fetish unleashed.

King of Pong is a sideproject of Undefined, an creative studio based in Antwerp. Ping pong table design shown in photo is created by Studio Entropica.

This is Antwerp

Right at the heart of Antwerp’s creative scene, you’ll find This is Antwerp, a community connecting local and international creatives.

This is Antwerp is also the host of D.A.T.E. – short for Discover Antwerp Through Experience. A one-week creative bootcamp for which around fifteen creatives from all over the globe are invited to explore creative Antwerp.

2019 saw the fifth birthday of D.A.T.E., for which twelve international artists and writers created an art book, a testimony to Antwerp’s creative and innovative scenes. Now they’re back for Us by Night, ready to meet you, tell their story, and inspire you at the This is Antwerp living room.


Flea-market vibes with independent prime art galleries, book shops and your favourite screen-printing studio’s. Get that gift for your special someone. Curated by @supercollect!

Bring your wallet!


Once again we are partnering up with Supercollect to host and curate our festival shop.

Apart from their own magical limited edition printmaking practices, these guys have what it takes to make sure you won’t return home empty-handed.

Supercollect is putting together a fine selection of artefacts, books and prints by some of the nicest artists you will meet at Us By Night. They will also showcase and sell their fine art print collabs, and are in charge of the production of the UBN festival merch.

Supercollect was founded in the wings of Us By Night, where Bart (@wham_office) and Stoffel (@superdruk) met and partnered up to complement each others expertises. Supercollect invites artists, illustrators, designers around the printing press, to work together on a personal level, and to produce limited edition art prints & collectibles.



The platform for the creative industry of the region of Antwerp. We connect creatives with each other, initiate cooperation between the creative industry and other sectors, motivate entrepreneurs to innovate and help creative entrepreneurs grow.

And what better way to make a connection than by playing against each other on the APBConsole? Together with and Supercollect we developed the game with crazy prizes from the mini-art-dispensing-installation and the shop. During UBN, we showcase all kind of Antwerp finest creatives and innovators. Buy their products in the Shop. Check out their work on the big screen Get to know 50 Award Winning Designers in our salon. And come try out their machines in our machinery.

Come talk with us and as our baseline states LET’S MAKE IDEAS WORK.

Honky Tonk Coffee

This little foodtruck was around before, during and now after the hype. An indestructable Piaggio Ape open it’s trunk to serve the best espresso’s in town. Say hello to the charming barista’s and treat yourself to some hot stuff.


Coming form the heart, with a large passion for fresh and seasonal products, Toon De Bock has been creating the finest plates for 15 years now. Ruigg embodies a modern style kitchen with character, ranging from street food up to walking diners, Scandinavian to Asian. Quality and personal approach are his key features. (C)Rude but refined!


Big surprise, emphasis on the big! Meet our ginourmous discoball and stick around for beers and hip shaking!

shimmy shimmy ya!!


After serving out of the ordinary dishes for over 5,5 years in the heart of Antwerp, NATIVE needs no more introduction. Middle Eastern-styled dishes made with classic French techniques or classic French dishes with new-style vegan techniques. Think comfort food (Grandma-style) but with a twist.

Don’t be surprised if their menu differentiates over the course of the festival because they work with the ingredients their local suppliers have to offer. Local, seasonal and organic are the main themes in this low-waste restaurant.

Good to know:
The pulled porc will be provided by local butcher Phillippe Gysels from Gysels who picks out his farms very carefully.
The sandwiches will be provided by Dellafaille, a family owned and well renowned bakery in and around Antwerp.

Mission Masala

Mission Masala is all about Indian flavors & good vibes. By bringing a unique take on Desi food, they’ve re-invented the Indian street food experience.

Drop by and get your teeth into one of their flavor bombs. Thank you please!


Our curated chefs bring you the best they have to offer, a celebration of local and delicious food. They will make you want to stick around for tasty drinks and bites. Yummm!


O’tagine serves you tasty dishes from Moroccan cuisine in Antwerp. Specializing in tagines and couscous dishes. We serve it with delicious tender chicken or lamb or with fresh, filled anchovies.