Ines Alpha

Digital artist

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Hailing from Paris, Ines Alpha is an internationally-recognized digital artist who started experimenting with 3D while digging the beauty, fashion, and luxury industries as an art director. Eager to expand her toolbox, she self-learned 3D software in her spare time and found herself collaborating on several side projects. These opportunities unlocked gates to otherworldly spaces inhabited by iridescent life-forms, as she was discovering the limitless possibilities offered by technologies and CGI productions. From there, she deepened her phygital exploration and merged makeup and tech through a forward-thinking approach, which became her unique signature style: 3D makeup.

Since 2016, she has been pushing the boundaries of makeup, working on digitized bodies, and taking advantage of this new tech-fuelled freedom within the concepts of beauty. She explores self-empowerment in the internet age by creating her own ethereal, futuristic narratives and AR accessories a “robot might wear to the MET Gala in the year 3052”, Lil Miquela once said. However, her artworks open meaningful and critical discussions beyond the sparkly social network party.

As never-log-off behavior has become the new normal, she offers promising alternatives to those struggling with confidence. Using 3D software and augmented reality, Ines merges both the real and the virtual to build a new future within beauty space while unfolding a progressive perspective that deconstructs and buries cosmetics preconceived ideas.

Ines is regularly invited to lectures in France and abroad, most recently at the Vogue Ukraine conference, NFF festival in Utrecht, and Pictoplasma in Berlin. She has collaborated with the creative industry’s biggest names such as Prada Beauty, Dior, Burberry, or Selfridges and some of the pop scene’s top artists like Charli XCX, BIBI, or Yelle. Finally, her works have been shown in “Aquaria” at the Maat museum in Lisbon, Art Mûr in Montréal, and Coreana Museum in Seoul, and have been featured in media such as VOGUE, i-D, Wired, and Dazed beauty, among many others.