Danaé Gosset

Mixed-media animation

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Danaé Gosset is the founder of Pencil TV, a multi-disciplinary creative studio focused on mixed-media animation production. Drawing inspiration from her dreams and the notion of moving paintings, Danaé crafts visual narratives that seamlessly traverse the digital and analog realms.

Originally from Paris, she is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she initially developed her mixed-media style. Danaé then embarked on a two-year tenure as a designer at the studio Sagmeister & Walsh (later &Walsh) before venturing into a life of entrepreneurship, and moving forward with creating her own creative studio: Pencil TV. Her clientele includes names like Netflix, Warner Music, Hermes, Apple, Spotify, and more.

Danaé has garnered numerous awards, notably including a SXSW Special Jury Award, ADC Young Guns 19, D&AD Awards, ADC Awards, and a Vimeo Best of The Year Staff Pick.