Victor Verhelst

Visual artist

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Victor Verhelst is a Belgian visual artist who combines both commissioned and autonomous artistic projects.

At the end of June 2020, he left the ‘Les Monseigneurs’ collective of which he was a co-founder to pursue his own course. Since then, Verhelst has worked on projects for PUBLIEK PARK by Young Friends v/h S.M.A.K.(Ghent), Record Label (Ostend), Kiosk Radio (Brussels), Permekemuseum (Jabbeke), Europalia, Toneelhuis, Kunsthal Mechelen, CORE-Festival, Nuits Sonores, BOZAR, and so on…

Victor Verhelst’s autonomous artwork consists of very diverse mediums: from keeping it digital, to unique riso print pieces, from large wall tapestries to works with interactive game technology but always starting from his digital canvas where his ongoing series ‘trippy vegas ‘ -later on transformed into ‘TOXIC HAWAII’- are born: his conception of a growing digital city consisting of virtual cityscapes and buildings.

The distortion and juxtaposition of 2D and 3D image planes in the creation of figurative color combinations characterises his aesthetics. Printed matter – from digital to 3D, from risography to textile – forms his starting point, always working with the relationship of the materiality to the pre-made (digital) image.

Victor Verhelst is represented by PLUS-ONE Gallery in Antwerp (Belgium).