Alice Moitié

Photographer and director

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Alice Moitié is a young photographer and director best known for her vibrant and spontaneous universe.

Casualness, grace, strangeness, idleness, intensity, and spontaneity: her eye is a formidable freshness and vibrancy fixer. Trained as an illustrator, Alice Moitié captures people and situations almost like a cartoonist would : with humour and grace she celebrates the awkward and the accidental.

Shaped and influenced by social media, Alice Moitié quickly stood out on as one of the main voices of her generation. Alice has collaborated with many brands. Among them Nike, Converse, Adidas, Givenchy, Mercedes. She shot series for fashion magazines such as Vogue or I-D. She also captured with her unique signature major names of the music industry such as ASAP Rocky, Justice and Miley Cyrus.