Flora Miranda

Visual artist and couturier

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Flora Miranda is an Austrian visual artist and couturier based in Antwerp.
How has our identity changed with the Internet and computers? What if we could send each other like an email?

She explores such questions not only through storytelling and material experiments. Flora Miranda also develops her own software and experiments with technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, machine learning and generative design to reimagine the role of the fashion designer.

Flora Miranda presents her artistic garments as performative experiences in which music, space and movement become a conceptual part of the creations.

After graduating with a master’s degree in fashion design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2014, she worked as a freelancer for Iris Van Herpen. She has been presenting her own couture collections since 2018.
With the “IT Pieces” format, Flora Miranda visualises data with generative design and textile.

Flora’s work is exhibited in the international art world (e.g. HEK Basel), pieces are collected by museums (e.g. MKG Hamburg, MAK Vienna). She received various awards (e.g. Good Design Award) for her creations.

“My work tells about the numerical self, questions the systems of virtual reality, portrays the identity of the digital generation. At the same time, as an artist, I have a vision for the digital world and use it as a means to create new work processes, materials and forms.

I am fascinated by the starting point of science, to measure our world, to put a mathematical, abstract layer on top of reality to calculate things that the human senses could otherwise not experience. As a fashion designer, I see data as a catalyst for artistic exploration. This approach sparks endless creativity. Designers can now experiment freely, adjusting designs virtually before making anything physical. This means more personalized and dynamic art forms, offering richer experiences for everyone involved.

Since 2016 I work on the idea of designing with data and have explored this vision through tools like 3D-Scanning, generative design and machine learning. Our practice revolves around two key elements: the main artist, Flora Miranda, and the innovative format called “IT Pieces”.
“IT Pieces” are design tools that transform user data into unique garments, each tailored to the wearer’s interests through data visualization. Initially introduced in 2017, the project evolved offering our design approach to clients. Our work blends art and technology to create generative designed fashion, bridging creativity with computing.”