This section is constantly being updated to be as complete as possible. Get in touch if you can’t find what you need.

Can I apply for a spot in the line-up?

We can’t make any promises, the 2021 slots are in high demand (on top of our own curation of course). But please do reach out! We love to collaborate and meet new people!

I bought a ticket, and would like an invoice. Is this possible?

Yes of course. Invoices are generated and e-mailed automatically upon purchase. We use EventBrite as our ticketing system.

Organisational crush alert: can I help out?

We’re gearing up for our fifth edition this year, and we’ve grown a lot from a productional point of view. If you still want to volunteer, reach out to Thierry and he’ll help you on your way. Thanks!

When is the final time schedule released?

We take pride in providing a varied and inspired line-up. We work hard on tailoring each day, making them all must-see! The final time schedule is released a few weeks in advance.

Are there lockers at the venue?

Yes there are lockers to store your valuables. There are also payment terminals (no cash) so you can recharge the wristbands with credits for food and drinks.