Emma Reeves

executive director at Free The Work Los Angeles Read more

Emma Reeves has an extensive background as a creative strategist, working across cultural communication and new media in the print, digital and live space.

Working in documentaries and TV production in London, before joining the award-winning ad production company, Gorgeous Enterprises from 1996 – 1999, she worked with directors Chris Palmer and Frank Budgen on award winning commercials for brands such as Sony Playstation and Guinness.

From 1999-2007, Emma joined Jefferson Hack at the Dazed Publication Group in London as photo director for Dazed & Confused magazine. While there she also helped found bi-annual publications Another Magazine and Another Man before moving to New York to oversee branding agency Li, Inc founded by Patrick Li, Creative Director of T Magazine.

In May 2012 she moved to LA to became Creative Director of The Museum of Contemporary Art’s ‘MOCAtv’ a channel that was part of YouTube’s Google-funded original content initiative. The channel launched in October 2012 with a Bjork music video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. While at MOCA, Emma also programmed and oversaw production on the interdisciplinary performance festival Step and Repeat.

Since January 2017, Emma has served as Executive Director of FREE THE WORK (formerly Free The Bid) a non-profit initiative founded by director Alma Har’el, dedicated to identifying systemic inequalities in film, television, advertising, and media, and finding actionable solutions to expand access for underrepresented creators.