Yolanda Dominguez

Visual Artist. Gender and Communication Madrid Read more

Art can change the world, and that’s precisely one of the reasons that drive Yolanda Dominguez to use with the aim of raising social awareness and empowering people. Her way of achieving this is creating participatory actions that put people in touch with each other while generating small communities that express their opinions in regards of a given conflict.

This is the path she has followed ever since graduating in Fine Arts, at the Complutense University in Madrid, and obtaining and MA in Art and New Technologies by the European University and an MA Photography at EFTI School of Photography, both in Madrid.

She develps projects about social subjects, related to gender and consumption: in one of her collective actions, “Register”, she brought together women from all over Spain in order to register their own bodies in the Chamber of Commerce as a way of protesting against the upcoming -and very restrictive- Abortion Law of 2013, becoming a national movement that also managed to root in other countries.

Her actions achieve to generate large impact and repercussion within the same channels (media) that they themselves criticize: her work “Poses”, a comment on female representation within the fashion industry, had over 1 million views on YouTube and it has been shown globally on television and newspapers. Her work “Accessible and Accessory”, which criticises the use of women’s bodies as an advertising gadget has also had a great impact within the advertisement industry.

Her video “Kids vs Fashion”, in which a group of school kids comment on several fashion photography editorials from recent years, was awarded with the Design Museum of London award in 2016.

She was awarded a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture for the Promotion of Spanish Art abroad in 2010 and an Honorary Mention at the ‘Freedom of Speech” awards, together with The Guardian newspaper in 2014. She has presented her work in different institutions and art festivals such as PHotoESPAÑA, Mullier Mullieris, JustMad, NOVA Festival de Cultura Contemporánea Brasil, Feminisarte, and has had several exhibitions at Museo del Traje (Costume Design Museum) in Madrid, CAAM in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Twin Gallery and Rafael Pérez Hernando in Madrid, Elga Wimmer Gallery in Nueva York, Foreman Gallery Oneota in Nueva York, Streitfeld Projektraum in Munich, Open Systems in Viena and Rojo Artspace in Milan.

Her artistic work transcends educational field, collaborating with several institutions and universities all around the world carrying out workshops and conferences and is currently professor and tutor of Contemporary Photography MA at EFTI School in Madrid where she teaches the module “Image as a tool for social transformation”.

She has also worked for several social organizations and NGOs such as Greenpeace, Medicins du Monde, Change.org, and she is a weekly columnist at The Huffington Post Spain, writing on articles about image and gender.