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Zeynep Orbay and Macie Soler-Sala are a creative team who have spent the last two years working and biking in the rain together at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. They have produced work for several global brands including Facebook, Instagram, Nike, Airbnb, and more. Ashton Kutcher even tweeted about a commercial they made once, which in turn made their 14-year-old selves pretty pumped. Their work has been translated in Italian, German, Croatian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, and even Gen Z when they helped launch IGTV for the teens.

Macie is an American writer with a passion for satirical writing and music. Her personal writing has been published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Creative Review, and Points in Case.

Zeynep is a Turkish designer and art director who has worked for the New York City Ballet, McCann NY and TBWA Istanbul before moving to Amsterdam. Her work has been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, One Show and Eurobest. Macie wants you to know she’s working on it, okay?

Both passionate about politics, they have worked on side projects that tackle social and political issues throughout their careers. They are definitely not nervous at all to give this presentation.

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