Raphael Rau

Maxon • photorealistic lighting, shading and rendering Ludwigsburg Read more

Raphael “Silverwing” Rau holds a diploma in graphics and design and is specialized in photorealistic lighting, shading and rendering. He started out with Cinema4d Release 5 more than 10 Years ago and has been a self taught 3D artist ever since. His far reaching knowledge in the physically correct behavior of light and materials could be applied to many productions like Halo Spartian Ops and the Halo E3 Cinematic (Houdini Lighting TD), RedBull Formula1 animations (shading artist) as well as the Lamy “Special Edition 2019” spots (c4d Texturing / Shading Artist). If he’s not “on location” he is freelancing from his small office in Ludwigsburg, Germany.