Glenn Frey

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After completing high school, Mr. Frey attended the City College of Art in Huchting, Germany. He then dedicated himself to his passion – music. He worked as a studio musician, songwriter and singer in various studios and for various bands.

Mr. Frey discovered CINEMA 4D in 2003 and began working exclusively with this software. By 2005 he had become so adept at using CINEMA 4D that he began writing software manuals for MAXON Computer, the makers of CINEMA 4D.

Mr. Frey has been successfully working as a freelance 3D artist, children’s book illustrator (emphasis on character design) and CINEMA 4D Quickstart manual author since 2005. He also gives CINEMA 4D workshops and presents MAXON products at trade shows and other public events.

In 2009 Glenn Frey became a salaried member of the Maxon family.