Feeling so much love from you guys, it simply was overwhelming! We are honoured to have such an amazing audience, dedicated speakers and of course an A-team of enthusiasts to make these waves crash into each other naturally. 🌊

Our amazing 2017 line-up 🙌

Builders Club, Anita Fontaine & Geoffrey Lillemon, Nikelab, Marshmellow Laser Feast, Neville Brody, James Veitch, José Cabaco, Saiman Chow, WeShouldDoItAll, Toothtaker, Tim Lahan, Studio Feixen, Mode2, DIA, Matt Lambert, Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree, Jonathan Zawada, Mario Hugo, Foam Studio (by Zeitguised), Ferry Gouw, Echolab, CATK, Aaron Duffy, Hansje van Halem, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck, Serial Cut™, Much, Boldtron, Sehsucht, Elmø, White Noise Lab, Ste Curran, Base Design, SX, Zware Jongens, Woestijnvis, Victor Robyn, Tom Tosseyn, Sarah Poot, Ronny & Johny, Romain Colin, Raphaël Cruyt, Jeroen Erosie, Jan van der Veken, Ines Cox, Food Cabinet, Eltipo, Dries Depoorter, Delta, Creative Belgium, Beyond.io, Arne en Freek, APICBASE, Flanders DC, Sam Vanallemeersch, Simon Holmedal, Cedric Engels / Roundhouse, Animography, Aixsponza, The Mill London, Pablo Lozano, Maxon, Bart Van de Wiele, Toykyo, I Love Dust, StayNice, Analphabetics, Tyrsa, Felipe Pantone.

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