Let's party like it's 2021!

Hello UBN fam!

Listening to the community, we have given the current COVID-19 situation a lot of thought. We are feeling more and more uncomfortable with the idea of being able to experience the unique UBN energy to the fullest this September.

We are convinced we will all be in great health again, but not 100% sure if we’ll be in a party mode yet. Therefore we have decided to postpone our event to Spring 2021, as we truly believe we will collectively benefit from this.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to current ticket holders, and hope our decision makes as much sense to you as to us. Anybody involved with the organisation is super pumped and motivated, we have 6 extra months to prepare and will use it to make it more EPIC than ever!

New date UBN 5
22/23/24 April 2021

Stay Safe 🖤 Stay Home

Questions? Answer below!

New date

The new UBN5 date is 22/23/24 April 2021.

Same venue

Our venue and location remains unchanged!


We are aligning with all our confirmed speakers around the world, who are also feeling the impact of the Covid-19 situation. Everybody’s making an effort to adjust!

I already have a ticket

Your ticket will of course be valid for the new date. There is a temporary 50% refund arrangement in place until April 10th 2020. We truly hope you can make the new date. Or, use TicketSwap as an alternative method of reselling your ticket.

Inconsistenties on various channels

We are in the process of adjusting the website, facebook event, ticket setup… It will all be aligned to the new date as soon as possible.


We have set up a dedicated address to answer all questions unanswered on this page: letspartylikeits2021@usbynight.be. Talk to us!